Maya Moore gets sweet new kicks

In what could be a big boost for WNBA popularity Minnesota’s #1 draft pick Maya Moore has signed a deal with Nike’s Jordan shoe company (check out here shoes right HERE). This makes her the first woman to sign a shoe deal with the Jordan brand. The deal is reportedly worth between $3 to $4 Million. Maya Moore had this to say about it,

“As a student of the game, it is a dream come true to align myself with a brand that has a rich history in sports, like most kids, I grew up idolizing Michael Jordan and continue to work relentlessly to reach his iconic status on the court. I’m truly motivated to take my career to the next level as a member of Team Jordan.”

While this does little to improve her game, off the court this is a big step in women’s equality. Finally, woman get the opportunity to fork over $100-$150 for slightly above average shoes.