Kevin McHale in the running for Rockets head coaching Job

It appears that Kevin McHale’s name is going to be heard a few more times. After destroying what was already a putrid franchise in MN it appears he may get a shot and more coaching in Houston. McHale’s ability as a head coach are still debatable but his merits as a GM are certainly very flawed. Minnesotans remember him best for many failed draft picks (Ndudi Ebi, Randy Foye, Corey Brewer), terrible trades (Kevin Garnett, Marko Jaric) and overall ineptitude (Joe Smith ring a bell?). So while it is possible he may be coaching the Rockets next year, his ghost will live on as we pass our 1st round pick to the LA Clippers in the lingering Marko Jaric Deal. Overall, this may be good news for Celtics fans as the Rockets have some decent talent he could ship their way for next to nothing to help restock a team built for a future championship.