Minnesota Legislature session to end Monday

Most Minnesotans will agree this year has been anything other than a fairy tale for fans of all sports. However, it could get much worse. With the session closing Monday and the budget crisis still not finished it may be headed for a special session. Minnesota Governor has said he is open to calling a special session to finish the stadium debate as the budget debate will most likely take all of Monday.

Currently, the state of Minnesota has a 5 Million budget deficit and they appear distant on solving. The last proposal I heard from Dayton was $1.8 Million in budget cuts and $1.8 Million by raising taxes. The raises would affect the richest 2% of Minnesotans. Of course, this got shot down right away. Seems the legislator would rather the working class shoulder the large load of deficit. Even those Vikings fan that don’t follow politics closely it might be worth the effort to follow tomorrows legislator results as it could directly affect our Vikings. It is nice that Dayton has said he is willing to open a special session but lets hope we won’t have to resort to that.

Vikings fans comment below and let us know how you feel. I would love to hear some feedback on the issue.

UPDATE: Click here for the latest on the stadium issue