Star Tribune redefines “middle” on Vikings stadium debate

As a Minnesota fan I often turn to the Star Tribune or “Strib” in search of quality sports news. Unfortunately, the last couple weeks have been far from it. I, as a writer, will be the first to admit my bias the best that way the viewer can know to stop reading if they disagree. I love MN sports and I want a new Vikings stadium built. I don’t care where it is built to be honest. Build it on the border of MN and ND. As long as the Vikings stay in relative driving distance I will be happy. The problem I am having with the Star Tribune is that they pretend like they are in the “middle” of the stadium debate, when they clearly have picked a side. Since the Arden Hills location was chosen, I have read 4 to 5 stories that tell of immediate problems the Vikings will face. The one I have the biggest problem with was a rip on the estimated cleanup cost for the stadium. Mainly because it didn’t offer much concrete evidence it just said that we underestimated it. I am still waiting for an article that talks about the terrible parking and transit and the current dome site. If you want to read the cleanup story click here and judge for yourself.

When Zygi Wilf first described his dream for a Vikings stadium he wanted a retractable roof, developed leisure area, and for fans to get their tail-gating back so they can enjoy games as they should be. Arden Hills offered all of that. Some people may not know but Star Tribune has a chunk of land that Wilf was going to purchase near the Dome worth about $45 Million. With the Arden Hills site the front-runner the Strib looks to lose out on all that. So while an opinion section stating the paper only reports on facts, I feel more comfortable judging the Tribune on their actions and so far those actions have been to turn the public opinion against the Vikings and the Arden Hills site. If you want to let Nancy Barnes, Editor and Senior VP, convince you otherwise feel free to click here and read. However, I am not convinced and I don’t think most readers are as well.