Slowey likely to be moved to AAA but will that be all?

A difficult series in Arizona had Slowey questioning his role on the team. It has been difficult for him to adjust to the bullpen and to be consistent. On top of that, he has had even more problems staying healthy and making consecutive appearances in the pen. Most Twins fans won’t be as surprised to hear that Slowey has had some issues with health as that has been his M.O. over the last couple years. Slowey is really in a tough spot because he is stuck out of the rotation in a very average lineup. Even still he hasn’t been able to crack into the starting lineup. Twins’ fans will recall he almost had a chance if Liriano would have faltered but he came out and threw his first career no-hitter. So the Twins and Gardenhire are trying to talk him into heading to Rochester but there could be more to it than that. LaVelle E. Neal III of the Star Tribune is reporting that trade talks are in the works. For what exactly it is unclear but Slowey is a decent 5th starter and he may get that chance. I will keep everyone updated if I hear more. Slowey has a career record of 39-21 with the Twins.

UPDATE: As of Monday (5/23/2011) Slowey is still on the roster. Best guess is he’ll be optioned sometime tomorrow.