Minnesota shopping their 20th overall pick

I described earlier that Minnesota was open to trade talks for the number 2 in the upcoming draft. Then Glen Taylor did the obvious team saying that they were gonna keep the pick. This is standard when trying to build some trade value. (Football fans may remember a similar situation with the Eagles and Donovan McNabb. Andy Reid said they absolutely were not going to trade him. Then a few weeks later he was a Washington Redskin.)  So that 2nd pick is being shopped but isn’t really available so they say but the 20th overall pick is certainly open to be moved. My guess is they will look to move it for a pick in next years draft. With a pick in the 20s you are only going to get a player that will come in and be a project. We have enough young talent that we are developing that we don’t need to take on more right away. Another option is drafting someone overseas that won’t come here for a year or two.

In regards with moving the #2 pick. I am more or less against it. We will get either Derrick Williams or Kyrie Irving assuming that we want one or the other. I don’t want to see the pick traded along with Ricky Rubio. I want to see Rubio in a Timberwolves uniform. Kahn has been selling us on him as a cornerstone of the franchise and a future all-star at PG. I know Flynn didn’t work out and it is time to see if we got anything in that draft. Or else, I think we can all be upset with Kahn and rightfully so.

UPDATE: It appears that Rambis showed up to help with the Timberwolves scouting of future NBA draft prospects. Normally, this is not noteworthy news but with the uncertainty surrounding the Rambis situation it seemed worth pointing out. Before Rambis arrived it was Kahn doing most of the scouting. The media were allowed access to some portion of the workout and didn’t see Kahn and Rambis talking too much but this was a short 15 minute stretch.