Another Bullpen collapse stretches twins losing streak to 4

A powerful return of Thome didn’t even equal a win for the Twins as they surrender  4 total runs in the 8th, 9th, and 10th inning. Thome did all he could but the problem is he is not a pitcher. However, he was an impressive  2 for 3 with both hits going for home runs with a total of 4 RBIs. All his heroics were not enough, though, as Swarzak gave up a run at the top of the 10th so Seattle could take the one run lead after Capps’ blown save in the 9th. Closer Brandon League came in to close out the bottom of the tenth with a 1,2,3 inning and the Twins woes continue and they keep with the worst record in baseball. Yahoo! box score found by clicking here.

  • Span hit his 2nd home run of the year. He is quietly batting .291 and along with Kubel is one of the only bright spots on what has been a somber season thus far.
  • I also wanted to say how amazing it was to see all the fan support for Harmon Killebrew. He truly was one of the most amazing players in Twins history both on and off the field. I thought I would pass along a story I heard about him. A reporter asked him 12 years ago how he would have fared against the current players. Harmon responded saying oh wow I don’t know maybe only 25 or 30 home runs. The reported said wow really? And Harmon said well yeah I mean I am 62 years old. What a character. He will be missed.