Allen has high aspirations for 2011

Jared Allen currently has 83 sacks for his career. It would be quite a feat to get to a hundred and I have no doubt that Allen will get there long before he retires. Allen, however, doesn’t want to wait that long. Allen has always dreamed of getting 100 sacks and he says he would like to get it over with by next year. That means he is shooting for 17+ sacks for next year. The first thing that has to happen is we don’t have a lockout shortened season. He also is going to have to start strong. Through the first 8 games last year he only had 1 sack. He finished strong with 10 sacks in the last 8 games. If he can play with that same consistency the whole year 17 is not out of the question. The problem to get off to that strong start is Kevin Williams will miss the first 4 years as the Starcaps issue finally seems to be done with and his suspension will be served. There is also the opinion that if Pat Williams leaves it will hurt him even more. I watched every game last year and Pat didn’t have nearly the impact that he did in years prior. It is of more importance to have Kevin Williams return to his 2009 All-Pro form then having Pat Williams. Regardless of the situation, Jared Allen has put up large numbers when he was in Kansas City without any help on the defensive line. It is nice to see Allen enter next year with high goals and enthusiasm.