The legislative session has come and gone for Minnesota leaving the debate for a new stadium to a special session. Then reports emerged of the Wilfs (Wilves?) talking to AEG in a recent meeting. Those reports were said to have jumped the gun as the talks were more of a questionnaire towards AEG regarding how to best build an entertainment complex like they have in L.A. Also the Vikings could consider teaming up with AEG and have them control their operations as AEG currently does with Target Center. Still it seems slightly odd that the Wilfs would allow this little meeting to become public and hold it in Minnesota as opposed to New Jersey or Los Angeles.

However, this next part is less news and more of a scenario to ponder. It has been said that if a special session is called for the Legislature that the Vikings stadium issue will be on the back burner.  The session will more focus on the budget deficit than anything else. This does not necessarily mean doom for the Vikings either but it certainly is not good news. With elections coming in 2012 and the public opinion generally stating that they don’t want to publicly fund a stadium, no one will run with a pro stadium voice. Those who do, would most likely not get the public votes. If you think it is a big topic at this point in time, imagine how big a magnifier it will be under come election time. Cross your fingers Vikings fans and lets hope for the best.