According to ESPN, the 3 team trade would involve the Wolves trading their #2 pick to Cleveland in exchange for Cleveland’s #4 pick and #8 pick they acquire from Detroit. How did they get Detroit’s pick? Detroit would send Cleveland the #8 pick and Rip Hamilton in exchanged for the trade exception they gained by the departure of Lebron James.

The reason it works: Minnesota wants to bet on the future of Michael Beasley playing SF. Whether that is right or wrong is not what we are debating. This would give them a young up and comer at C in Enes Kanter. Minnesota would like the potential of Beasley/Love/Kanter as a back court.

Detroit gets out of Rip Hamilton’s big contract and Cleveland gets Irving and Williams in the draft

Why it wouldn’t work: Besides dumping the Hamilton contract I don’t see much upside in this trade for Detroit. Unless they feel they have the talent they need on their roster, I don’t see them going along with this trade.