Image courtesy of ESPN

Looks like I was giving Plouffe too much credit in my article about him that I posted a week ago. He was on a hot streak and looking to earn the starting shortstop job if he kept it going. Since then he has not only stopped hitting but he has played some awful defense. In the past 6 games he has gone 1-20 with 4Ks and 2BBs. He only has one run and no RBI in that period. Even though his offensive numbers have plummeted that is the least of his concerns. In the middle of those 6 games Plouffe was benched for two games because of two defensive misplays against the Mariners which helped the Mariners rally and beat the twins in 10 innings. Gardenhire had several talks with him about his defense and he went through some extra infield drills to try to work out his problems.  Turns out he still has a long way to go. On Sunday Plouffe had yet another error and could have been charged with two others. He sailed the ball over Morneau’s head at first and into the crowd on two occasions and misplayed a ball that bounced off his glove into left field. These mis-plays contributed greatly to the Twins losing the game on Sunday. The Twins have been known to pride themselves on their defense and usually start players who have been struggling at the plate as long as they play solid defense in the field. For Plouffe he is going to have to pick it up in some aspect of his game in order for the Twins to decide to keep him around in the big leagues.