J. Michael Falgoust of the USA Today has reported that Kurt Rambis will be returning next year as the Timberwolves coach. Rambis has recently voiced slight displeasure in how Kahn has been handling the situation but will take some solace in knowing his job is safe. Falgoust also reported that Rambis returning will be contingent on him retooling his staff. This most likely will include a larger emphasis on defense as the Timberwolves were ranked 27th last year. I could also see them changing the offense a little to focus on the PG with the arrival of Rubio and work to improve its efficiency as well as they were 24th in that category.

  • This is another step in my optimistic plan for the Wolves to succeed next season. You can see all of what I think needs to happen right here and comment on anything I may have forgotten.