UPDATE: According to ESPN and someone close to Rubio they have heard no word of anything that has changed in Rubio’s status with the Wolves.

First, we would like to issue congrats to Ricky Rubio and his team on winning the Spanish League title. Secondly, the bad news, Rubio sounded unsure about Minnesota. At least that is how the media has interpreted what he said. Here is the exact quote from Ricky:

 “we are taking with Barcelona and we will soon see”

Okay, so maybe it tells us next to nothing. The AP reported weeks ago that the Wolves had reached a deal with Rubio for him to join starting next year. These are big steps in what I have detailed as what is needed for the Wolves to have any chance at competitiveness next season. The big problem holding up a Rubio confirmation may in fact be a potential lockout next season. He has shown trepidation in that regard already. We will keep following the situation but I am still holding high hopes for him playing professional basketball in a Minnesota jersey. If you wanna build some excitement click this link to get a look at some of Rubio’s amazing plays. He won’t be a dominant scorer but he will definitely be a playmaker.