The Timberwolves have made so many trades tonight I can’t even keep up. I will try to make sense of it all below.

So far the Wolves control or recieved Derrick Williams, Brad Miller, Malcom Lee, Targuy Ngombo, Memphis’ 2013 protected pick, two future 2nd rd picks and cash cash cash.

  • With the 2nd overall pick the TImberwolves selected Derrick Williams.
  • With the 20th pick they selected Donatas Montiejunas
  • The Wolves then traded Johnny Flynn a future second round pick and their 20th pick, Donatas Montiejunas, to the Houston Rockets for Center Brad Miller, Houston’s 23rd pick and 38th pick and a future first round pick. The future first round pick is Memphis’ 2013 pick and it is lottery protected from 2013-16 after that it turns into a second rounder.
  • With the 23rd pick the Wolves received Nikola Mirotic then traded the 23rd pick to the Chicago Bulls for the 28th pick and the 43rd pick and cash.
  • With the 28th pick the Wolves selected Norris Cole then Wolves then traded the 28th pick to the Miami Heat for the 31st pick (originally Minnesota’s pick sent to Miami in the Beasley trade) and a future 2nd round pick.
  • The Wolves traded the 31st pick, Bojan Bogdanovic, to the Nets for a future second round pick and cash.
  • The Wolves recieved Chandler Parsons with the 38th pick then traded that back to the Rockets for cash.
  • The Wolves recieved Malcom Lee with the 43rd pick. Find out more about Malcom here.
  • The Wolves recieved Targuy Ngombo with the 57th pick from Portland for cash (clearly they used some of the cash they had been stockpiling all night to trade for this guy) Find out more about Targuy here.