So far, Wolves rumors have been spreading like wild-fire. We have done our best to post updates but some were bound to be missed. Here is an updated list of everything. Now fans can know what to look out for shortly after Derrick Williams’ name is called. Right now I am 50/50 that a trade actually happens but only time will tell.

ATLANTA: The Hawks have contacted Minnesota in hopes of acquiring the 2nd pick for Josh Smith. They have been shopping around Josh Smith to many teams in recent days and the Twolves were added to that list today. Minnesota’s interest sounds very low on the deal though so I don’t think this is likely to happen.

LAKERS: The Lakers hold 3 rumors at the top. Both seem very unlikely. The first is Bynum to Minnesota for Flynn, the #2 pick, and a few more parts. The second, and equally unlikely, is Kevin Love and #2 for Pau Gasol. The Final one is Lamar Odom for the number 2 pick. That trade got turned down quick and is as ugly as Lamar’s wife Khloe Kardashian.

SUNS: The Suns are in second place with 2 rumors. The GM for Phoenix and said both are not happening but we’ll be safe and post it anyway. The first, Marcin Gortat would be traded to Minnesota for the #2 and parts. The most recent is Nash to Minnesota for again #2 and parts.

PACERS: This trade would net the Wolves young center Roy Hibbert for the #2 pick and some parts.

SIXERS: This one intrigues me the most. The Wolves would possibly send Flynn and the #2 pick or maybe some other young players and get Andre Iguodala. Iguodala could bring a true small forward and elite defender.

WIZARDS: This rumor was one of the quickest to die but the Wolves would send the #2 pick for Washington’s JaVale McGee.

BUCKS: For this rumor, the Wolves would get Andrew Bogut for the #2. There was also word the Wolves would get the Bucks pick as well but that seems like too much of a steal for Minnesota.

PISTONS: This was one of the very first rumors. It hasn’t gained much steam since. Basically it would be a big trade that would work with the Cavaliers so we get the Cavs’ 4th overall pick and Detroits 8th. The Cavs would get our #2 pick and Tayshaun Prince and Detroit would get to clear some salary.

SMOKESCREEN: This is less of a trade rumor and more of a smokescreen. Until yesterday everyone was sold on the fact Irving was going first overall and Williams second. Now, there has been enough chatter from the Wolves about Kanter that some mock drafts have even moved him up to #2.

We’ll keep updating this page from now on and until the draft with any changes or new rumors.