The Wild have completed a trade sending Martin Havlat to San Jose for Dany Heatley. Also, rumors have surfaced that the Wild have signed top free agent defenseman Tomas Kaberle, so far those rumors are untrue.

Michael Russo of the Star Tribune has insisted the rumors of Kaberle to the Wild are 100% false. I trust his knowledge and connections with the Wild so I believe the rumors are untrue. Another indication that this doesn’t make sense is that the Wild are trying to build from within and let their young players get playing time. Signing a 33 year old Kaberle to huge money would make no sense for this team and their current plan.

Both Havlat and Heatley have waived their no trade clauses and the trade has been completed. On July 1, 2009 Havlat signed a 6 year 30M deal as a free agent to join the Wild. In his first season he scored 18 goals and in his second he improved to 22 goals. Havlat led the team last season with 69 total points. In September of 2009 Heatley was traded from Ottawa to San Jose. In his two seasons with San Jose he scored 39 goals in his first season and only 26 in his second. In 5 of his past 6 seasons he has scored over 39 goals and had 50 goals in two of those seasons. His production however has been declining each year. The Wild will hope Heatley can return to those years and give them a huge scoring lift on their front line. Havlat has 4 years remaining on his deal at 5M per year and Heatley joins the Wild with 3 years remaining at 7.5M per year, both players are currently 30 years old. The deal makes sense for both teams as the Wild still want to add more scoring potential and have plenty of cap space and the Sharks had a window of opportunity to trade Heatley and get more cap flexibility. Here is the story from

Interesting stats from the Star Tribune’s Michael Russo: Heatley ranks 1st in the NHL in power-play goals & game-winning goals, 3rd in goals and fifth in points since he entered the league in 2001. If that doesn’t get you excited about him nothing will.