Adrian Peterson is schedule to need a new contract after this season, and with the way of the running back it’s easy to assume that AP is “over the hill” as far as RB’s go.

Peterson turned 26 back in march, which means by the time contract talks begin again he’ll most likely be 27.  His production has been down the last couple of seasons; however, I disagree with what the “experts” are saying about how he’ll be too old to sign another major contract.  The “experts” also said that he ran to high and too hard and would have an injury riddle career.  But aside from Atari Bigsby hitting him on the side of the knee a few years back, he hasn’t had many injuries or missed much time.

The way the Vikings are built, how can they not want to sign Mr. All-Day to a long term contract.  They need someone for the young QB to rely on to take pressure off of him.  Plus with him having apparently corrected his fumbling problem, who’s to say much like Tiki Barber that he won’t turn his career around and become a solid late in his career type of player?