The Timberwolves are meeting with Bernie Bickerstaff as a possible replacement for Head Coach Kurt Rambis.

This just in, Timberwolves had a bad season and they’re putting the blame on the head coach. This isn’t news, this is olds. The Timberwolves have been terrible for far too long now, and Rambis isn’t to blame. Kevin McHale started this collision course with failure when he traded KG, a man who said he wanted to bring a title to Minnesota. The frustrating part of this whole situation is that Rambis and the rest of management have started to turn around this franchise, who looks to be a competitive team this year. I’m not saying they’ll win a lot of games, but they will at least be a middle of the pack team.

Rambis, who is 32-132 as the Timberpups coach over the last two seasons, was reported to have been fired back in June, but it has not been made official yet. Bernie Bickerstaff is currently an assistant for the Portland Trail Blazers. His last Head Coaching job was with the Charlotte Bobcats. His career record is 415-517, so he should fit right in as a post KG era HC for the Wolves.

The original theory was to hire Bernie and retain his son J.B. as assistant coach and be the coach in waiting, however J.B. reached an agreement today to join Kevin McHale in an assistant coaching position with the Rockets.