Christian Ponder was in Minnesota to workout with Larry Fitzgerald as well as some of his future teammates yesterday.

Ponder drove from Florida over the weekend with all of his belongings.   Ponder was set to meet with a real estate agent to find a home near Eden Prarie so that he has a place to live, but was convinced by Fitzgerald to stay and work out.  Fitzgerald has one of the best work ethics in football, and apparently is pretty persuasive too, especially considering he is currently living in teammate and fellow Rookie Kyle Rudolph’s guest bedroom.

Ponder said despite being from Texas, and playing his college ball in Florida, that the weather was brutally hot.  An interesting thing to note as the whole country is facing this heat wave, and practices look to get started soon as the two sides grow closer to a new CBA.  We all remember Korey Stringer, and hopefully even in this shortened training camp, where coaches will want to push their players, coaches remember him and don’t let his death be in vane.