Jim Thome is now only 4 home runs away from reaching the 600 mark for his career. He will be only the 8th player in MLB history to reach 600 which means he will be ranked 8th all time in career home runs. 3 of the 7 players in the 600 home run club have been connected to, or admitted to using steroids (Bonds, Sosa, ARod) but Thome has no known ties to steroids and there is every indication that he played the game clean. Considering these facts he would rank 5th all time in home runs if you exclude the players with ties to performance enhancers. Thome is also one of the most well-liked players in the majors and one of the classiest guys around. We recently saw Derek Jeter reach the 3000 hit club, which is an even less exclusive club than the 600 home run club. His chase for 3000 was counted down hit by hit from the beginning of the season and every at bat was watched leading up to the final hit. With Thome only needing 4 more to reach this exclusive club why is there no buzz surrounding this momentous achievement in baseball history? I have a few theories of my own. The first reason might be because he only has 7 home runs this year. He is not the home run hitter he once was and only shows splashes of his tremendous power that has carried his career. He is no longer in the lineup on an everyday basis and has spent quite a bit of time injured this season. This being the case he just hasn’t received the attention of the media for his home runs this season especially when Jose Bautista and others already have 25-30+ home runs. The word “attention” brings me to my next reason. The Twins are still in the cellar of the AL Central so far this season, they lie 7 games back in their division and 7 games under .500. Due to this, the Twins have not had the same national attention they have received in previous seasons. Even with the recent surge and 24-11 record in the past 35 games, Thome still has not received the attention he deserves. Derek Jeter is the face of the Yankees and in the biggest market there is. He earned all of his 3000 hits in a Yankee uniform and its easy to understand why he had all the hype leading up to his momentous achievement. I’m not saying Thome should or will receive that same kind of attention, but he does deserve to be talked about and praised as one of the greatest home run hitters of all time. Pujols has 428 career home runs and is the only active player likely to reach the 600 mark but it is still possible no one will ever reach 600 home runs again. With Thome being one of the classiest players in the league, with a clean background and no connections to steroids this moment in baseball history should be celebrated and receive the attention it deserves.