A rule change in the NFL this year will not allow teams to have a third quarterback on their roster and is extending the game day roster from 45 to 46.

This interesting rule change has a major impact on some teams.  It appears that it will be allowed to have another QB suited up and positioned elsewhere.  This rule change could be huge for the Vikings who may want a Veteran player in place behind rookie Christian ponder.  This poses the question, what about Joe Webb?  Well with this new rule the Vikings could have him as a WR, or whatever they wanted, and then use him as needed.  He could return kicks, actually be a WR, or my personal favorite, they could use him in a wildcat like formation.  That seemed to help Michael Vick his first year back in the league, he would the get the option of reading defenses on a one play basis without a lot of pressure.  Helping him learn coverages and when to run and when not to.