UPDATE: Also involved in the talks appears to be infielder Stephen Lombardozzi. While doing some research on Lombardozzi I stumbled upon a scouting report on his recent play in the minors from Washington Post writer Adam Kilgore:

“Just about every Nationals evaluator I’ve spoken with thinks Lombardozzi will be a big leaguer, and director of player development Doug Harris has compared him to Jamey Carroll – as steady as can be with an advanced approach at the plate”

We’ll keep updating as more details emerge but as of right now it looks like Span for Storen, Lombardozzi, and Bernadina.

We have mentioned before that the Twins were in talks with the Washington Nationals regarding a Denard Span swap for Drew Storen. It appears that the talks have been progressing. The Twins are still insisting that any trade involve Storen and another prospect. Current rumors have it that the prospect Roger Bernadina. We’ll keep posting on any updates that should occur. This shows that Minnesota has been happy with the play of Ben Revere at center field and may view him as an everyday player at this point (Even Revere is flipping at the opportunity). Not to mention that Aaron Hicks has been in the minors for quite some time and may be nearing a promotion.