The Vikings got themselves out of the red and under the league’s new $120.375 million salary cap. is saying that the Vikings are now under that cap with $938,000 to spare (check out the rest of the league here).  It appears looking at these numbers and assuming the Vikings don’t want to make any negative moves, that Malcom Floyd won’t be coming to Minny.  This makes a few things very interesting.  First the WR Bernard Berrian agreed to restructure his contract, both keeping him in Minnesota and helping the Vikings get below that limit.  Secondly that Bryant McKinnie may have been under the gun for more than just his physical issues.  It seems almost too easy that on Tuesday morning we were over by basically his salary.  I’m sure had he shown up in perfect shape and ready to go, it may have been a different situation as to how we got under, but I’m sure that helped his being released.

As of most recent word, the Baltimore Ravens seemed to have the best shot at Floyd who are rumored to have offered him a multi-year deal where he’d receive over $3 million a year.