This may come through the grapevine but it isn’t necessarily out of the question. Especially, considering the source is none other than Larry Fitzgerald Sr. He recently appeared on ESPN Radio in Los Angeles and said this:

“Well yeah he always wanted to be a Viking growing up.  He got drafted by a Viking.  Dennis Green left Minnesota and went to Arizona.”

There may be some truth in that statement but he did clarify it a bit. The power is all in Arizona’s hands to work out a long deal with the arguably best receiver in football today. However, if Arizona “falls on their face” as he put it, the Vikings may be quick to pounce. They, currently, are just about $1 Million under the cap but allegedly clearing up cap space for the chance to bid on Fitzgerald’s services starting next offseason. The first step to making some cap room is getting long-term deals for Peterson and Greenway who have large cap numbers this season. They also restructured Berrian’s deal so he walks at the end of the season.

So how likely is it to happen? Well, if the Cardinals fail to extend Larry’s deal it seems like a possibility. Helping the Vikings is the fact that Fitzgerald holds his camp in Minnesota with a few fellow Vikings. What better way to recruit him then with current players. Then there is the fact that once next years offseason starts Leslie Frazier could take a stroll from Winter Park to Larry’s house to make a sales pitch. Has the Fitzgerald watch really started? Not really… but kinda.