Kevin Durant continues to play impressive basketball in streetball form while Michael Beasley continues to unimpress Minnesota Timberwolves’ fans.

During a recent streetball game, Beasley got into an altercation with a heckling fan, and instead of being the bigger person, he impersonated Ron Artest and pushed the fan.  The way Beasley’s play has been of late, and the things the Timberwolves were able to accomplish before the lockout make Beasley’s actions more frustrating.  Beasley is becoming less and less important to the team (assuming their is an NBA season this year), but Timberwolf fans would still like to see our players remain respectable.  Especially in Minnesota, we’re too familiar with Randy Moss (twice) and what it does to a team to have actions like that off the court (the NBA cour that is).

On a side note, it appears that the NBA and it’s players are still very far away from a new CBA.  It has even been rumoured that the entire 2011-2012 season may be cancelled.