Ben Leber, Vikings linebacker, looks to be on his way to Seattle too, to team up with former teammates Tarvaris Jackson and Sidney Rice.

In the past, the Vikings and Seahawks have swapped players with one another.  Nate Burleson and Steve Hutchinson are two of the bigger names, but I think we can all agree that the Vikings were winning the swaps until this offseason.  Now, the Seahawks look to take another Viking, which means perhaps that Vikings will get some of their players next year, but who knows.  For now it appears that Leber is just in the negotiating stage, but he is visiting Seattle for the moment.

On a side note, Seahawks Head Coach Pete Carroll has already determined Tarvaris Jackson would be their starter.  Carroll made this announcement before he even got to camp.  Jackson claimed that in Minnesota, Brad Childress didn’t give him a fair shot to be the Vikings QB.  For fans of the Vikings, we ran Childress out of town because he gave T-Jack too much of a shot.  Another reason Jackson reportedly has the starting job is because “he know’s Darrell Bevell’s offense.”  Again, as Vikings fans we know this not to be true.  For a moment here, let’s forget all the picks, fumbles, dumb throws (or maybe I shouldn’t generalize that to throws and say dumb decisions), etc.  For a moment, let’s focus on one particular play that proves he doesn’t know the offense.  Last year while filling in for the 437 year old Brett Favre, Jackson had a simple run play called to him (the team figuring they need to get the ball out of his hands), and what does Tarvaris do?  He runs into Adrian Peterson and they both get banged up on the play.  What was his one goal for that play, not to hurt your star teammate, someone who has a much longer future than you Jackson.

So Seattle/Pete Carroll, you have Jackson, and you make him your starter.  Perhaps Sidney Rice will do all he can to make Jackson look acceptable, but don’t except your offense to be very high powered.

UPDATE: After visiting the Seahawks, Leber has decided to sign with the St. Louis Rams.