We’ve touched on this topic before, but today, the idea of the Vikings moving to Los Angeles isn’t just an upsetting thought.  L.A. city council announced that they approved AEG’s, the company that owns the Los Angeles Convention Center next to the Staples Center, $1.2 Billion stadium plans.

For the Stadium plan to become a reality they must get an NFL franchise to sign a long-term lease for the stadium before they build.  The teams most commonly linked to moving to L.A. are the San Diego Chargers (who started in L.A.), St. Louis Rams (who were also once in L.A.), Jacksonville Jaguars, the Oakland Raiders (another former L.A. team), and the Minnesota Vikings (a state that has lost a team, the Lakers, to Los Angeles already).

So, now is the time to panic for Vikings fans.  I personally feel that Minnesota will do the right thing for one of the oldest NFL franchises, but I also have begun to fear the worst for the state of Minnesota and the Purple People Eaters.

Zygi Wilf has said recently that he feels confident that we’ll figure something out with the law makers; however, if a city has already allowed for a $1.2 billion stadium to be built, it might be something to entice Wilf to take our beloved purple and gold and move to L.A.

ESPN has a broader grasp on the entire situation here.