Justin Morneau is set to return to the Twins roster on Friday night after not having played since June 9th.

Morneau has been rehabbing with Triple-A Rochester Red Wings while he continues to recover from his neck surgery.  Morneau had a pinched nerve in his neck.  He also had a wrist injury earlier in the season that had Morneau basically swinging one-handed. 

Now he’s been hitting the ball incredibly well for the Red Wings hitting .409 with four doubles.  His return couldn’t be more welcomed for the Twins who are struggling lately and need some motivation to push them back towards the top of their division.  Their fall over the last couple of weeks has made their playoff hopes awfully bleak, but baseball has a lot of games, but the Twins would need a huge win streak to get them back into contention at this point, with only a little over a month left.