The Vikings got their first preseason game in the books and it looks as though they’re right about where we expect them to be.

Donovan McNabb orchestrated a decent couple of drives controlling the game.  He didn’t do too much, but he didn’t self destruct.  In my opinion his best play of the game was a short 3rd down pass to Percy Harvin for the first down.  It showed patience and more importantly not trying to do more than was necessary.  McNabb looked solid in his two drives going 6 for 11.  We should see more of McNabb next week as the Vikings head out to the West Coast to play former teammates in Seattle.

Joe Webb did what Joe Webb does.  He gave the defences something to worry about with his speed.  The frustrating part is it seemed the Webb was too eager to run the ball.  After throwing a pick, it seemed even more so the situation.  Webb appears to be a great situational player for the Vikings during the season, but it is the hope of many that he will just be a situational guy, and not the QB in the event something happens to McNabb.

Which brings me to the Rookie, Christian Ponder.  Ponder looked great while on the move, especially the 3rd down throw for the first that was negated by the phantom penalty by the 3rd string center.  Ponder was rushed and pushed around as the 3rd string O-line struggled against what was presumably the 3rd string line of the Tennessee Titans.  Next week in Seattle, Ponder will play with the backups and it will be interesting to see how he does with what will hopefully be better blocking up front.

Finally, Rhett Bomar didn’t get to play, but the DUI he was arrested for last week really has to hurt his already bleak chances of making the team.