The Vikings will be taking on the ex-Vikings who high-tailed it out Minnesota to join the Seattle Seahawks tomorrow.

While football is back and enjoying that should be all that’s on our minds while we watch, I want to point out the top 5  key stories that will be of interest in this weekends game.

5. TJ/Okung/Allen.  Most Vikings fans want to see Tarvaris Jackson get pummelled.  I know this because I was one of the last fans to give up on him, and I want to see it happen (not too bad though, we want him to start so Seattle doesn’t do very well this season).  Russell Okung (Seattle’s LT) had a scary injury to his Ankle, but appears that he’ll be okay; however, he will most likely be out of this weekends game.  Meaning a backup will be trying to shut down rejuvenated Jared Allen.  As we reported earlier, Allen is on a quest for 100 career sacks and is currently 17 away.  He may kick it down a notch since it’s only preseason, but a chance to tackle the guy he always saw in the safety red jersey at practice has to be awfully tempting for him.

4. Erin Henderson.  He led game one of the preseason with 10 tackles, and the potential replacement for Ben Leber has to be wanting another big performance to start stepping out of big brother’s (E.J. Henderson) shadow.  Watch for him to have another solid performance as he tries to win the battle for the Will Linebacker spot.

3. Defensive Backs.  Vikings DBs were terrible last year, when things were going their best.  On that note, we did have Frank Walker playing an awful lot of minutes last season.  Griffin and Cook were injured, but we still need to see Cook and Allen put up a better performance in the secondary this week.  I think that they will eventually be reliable, but it would still be nice to see them lock down a bit more here in the preseason.

2. O-line.  The Vikings O-line has been on a slippery down hill since the beginning of last season.  With McKinnie gone however, and a new o-line coach in Jeff Davidson, they could be working their way back to the top.  After the first group came out last week though, our o-line was down right embarrassing.  Watch for the starters this week, playing more than two series it will be interesting to see how they do as they get more work/tired.

1. Christian Ponder.  Ponder (whether you like it or not) is supposed to be our future.  We need him to show glimpses of domination now.  He didn’t play awful at any time, but he did look awfully nervous and scared at times during his debut (most of which were in that opening 3 and out drive).  With better blocking, and another week under his belt, Ponder may show everyone why he was the 12th overall pick, and why the Vikings didn’t trade up to take one of the other options.  Skol Vikings!