While Michael Beasley is punching people in the face, his main competition at SF is working out with Kobe Bryant. Here is a recent tweet by Derrick Williams himself:

First of many workouts with the Black mamba today.. Learning experiences.

What does this mean exactly? On the surface, not too much. It is hard to say what exactly is happening during these workouts. I could work out with Kobe for 8 hours a day and would still be slow and not athletic. However, Derrick Williams is neither of these things. The hope, as a Timberwolves fan, would be for D-Will to pick up some of Kobe’s work ethics, attention to detail, and intensity. The good news is that during the lockout at least Williams is learning to be a pro by a MVP and 4 time NBA Champ as opposed to a guy who has yet to learn to be an adult (Beasley).