The Cleveland Indians have won the waiver claim on Jim Thome and the Chicago White Sox have won the claim on Jason Kubel. Jim Thome is more likely to be traded as long as he waives his no trade clause to move to his former team. He has wanted another shot at a World Series and will likely agree to a trade if one is made. Jason Kubel is unlikely to be traded because the team will likely want to offer arbitration this offseason and if they still lose him they will get draft picks in return. Chicago would have to offer the equivalent of a high draft pick to have a chance to get Kubel. The teams have until 12PM CT to reach a deal.

UPDATE: Kubel was not traded by he deadline today and it turns out the White Sox were not the team that claimed him either. Ken Rosenthal is now reporting the Cleveland Indians claimed Kubel as well but the Twins and Indians could not reach a deal.