Let’s be realistic, if you haven’t heard by this point in time that the Vikings are going to start Christian Ponder versus divisional rival Green Bay Packers, you don’t care about the Vikings and probably aren’t reading this blog.  It’s very easy to go back and forth on Ponder.  He was all over the map in his last year at Florida State, then he had a great Senior Bowl, followed by a less than impressive combine, followed by a weak first pre-season game, then a good couple of preseason games.  Now it’s his show, and he’ll have to do it against undefeated Green Bay.  The Packers have had troubles defending the pass this year, and Ponder should execute better than McNabb (The Vikings fans all hope anyway).  Either way, it will be a fun game to watch.  Either the Vikings win or the Packers win and we get to see what the future of Vikings football looks like.

Now on to the newest stadium talks.  I want desperately to imagine them getting that new stadium deal done here in November, and everything being great.  However, after listening to millions of people’s thoughts, it’s hard to see which way things will go.  That being said, I want to show a post left on Profootballtalk.com story about the stadium, which to me shows best those in Minnesota who oppose this stadium bill.

vikes34 says: Oct 18, 2011 10:43 PM

I am very frustrated with the stadium debate and how out of touch people seem to be right now in Minnesota. The reality is that there is a number, greater than $0, probably less than $1Billion, where it makes sense for the state to contribute to a stadium. But this point has not been raised or discussed rationally by anyone?

Take for example that at 8% State Income Tax Rates, the Vikes payroll of $120M is worth approximately $10M/year for the state. Factor in that a lease might be 30 years and we know that NFL payrolls are increasing faster than inflation, that means losing the Vikes will cost the state more than $300M in Tax Revenue over the course of the lease.

Even is the state kicks in $250M, it is still a $50M gain for the state! The argument I keep reading about “Billionaires” paying for their own playgrounds is ridiculous and short-sighted at best, there is tax money – and a lot of it – that will be lost if the Vikes move.

I have only taken into account the State Income taxes on the players. There is so much more money in play to be taxed:
– Income tax from workers building stadium
– Sales tax on concessions
– Taxes on parking revenue
– Income tax on viking employees
– Income tax on stadium employees

On and on and on.

This is such a great point that Vikes34 brings up, and as he pointed out, he wasn’t even compensating for inflation (or factoring in all the other taxes he talks about).  Also Business would like to be around that new Stadium in Arden Hills bringing in more money and more businesses to the Arden Hills area.  Going back to Vikes34, right now the player’s salaries are $120 million, in 30 years, it could be twice that for all we know.  This stadium would be such a huge benefit for the state of Minnesota, and something that needs to be considered and soon.