Michael Beasley of the Minnesota Timberwolves hosted a charity basketball game on friday night to help boost the morale of the faltering fans.

An article from ESPN has its opening line as, “Michael Beasley and friends threw down alley-oops from half court, launched 3-pointers from nearly the same place and didn’t play a lick of defense.”  Didn’t play a lick of defense, the NBA is surely back then; unfortunately that isn’t the case.

Michael Beasley wasn’t even punching any of these spectators, instead they were just putting on a show for a good cause (St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Adrian Peterson’s All Day Foundation), not just their egos and hoping this will calm the fans for a while.  While they were also raising money for his foundation, Adrian Petrson was in the building for the game as a guest coach of one of the teams.  It’s unclear as to what team he coached, but with a score of 179-170, it’s seems that no matter what sport AP plays or coaches, many points will be scored.