Vikings fans all around the world rejoiced today as the Vikings released former Bears Receiver Bernard Berrian. Mr. Open All-The-Time didn’t have quite the surprising release that Randy Moss had last season, but he will be gone nonetheless. Berrian played in 5 of the teams 7 games this season racking up 7 catches, 5 of which came in the game against the Chicago Bears.

Chris Cook on the other hand is still uncertain. He was released from jail Tuesday after posting bail and has been charged with felony domestic assault. Cook, the Vikings biggest corner, was quietly having a great year, slowing down some big name receivers. Shortly after his release he went to Twitter to post these statements: “There’s always two sides to a story!!” and “My apologies to the fans! Vikings ownership, coaching staff, my teammates and friends and family!!”

While it is unknown what will happen to Cook, Head Coach Leslie Frazier did have this to say, “I don’t think any of us in this organization are pleased when one of our players is arrested for anything. And the fact that one of our players is in jail is a disappointment.”