Week 11 is upon us, and the Vikings are quickly looking to obtain a very high pick.  If the season ended today, the Vikings would have the 5th pick, just high enough to ignore needs and take a RB or something absurd like that.  No, I have faith that the Vikings will draft wisely.  Since us Vikings fans said good-bye to Tice, we’ve done many good things, particularly in early parts of the draft (Peterson, Greenway, Harvin (trading a first round pick for Allen)), but this year it will be time to get an O-lineman.  They can’t continue to ignore it and stretch it out an entire decade without a first round offensive linemen draft pick (the last being “dead weight’ Bryant McKinnie ’02).  Anyway, I’m getting off topic, perhaps because we almost want the Vikings to lose and start looking towards the draft (us really fans ALMOST want us to lose, a lot of fake fans want us to end the year 2-14 thinking just getting a good draft pick will help the team, not momentum into next season).  Here are three things that will happen, last week I was 2 for 3.  Rodgers did throw a lot of yards, and there were a lot of points scored, AP went unnoticed in the passing game.

3. The Vikings O-line will continue to look like High Schoolers blocking NFL D-lines.  I have continued to hold Phil Loadholt in high regard all season.  Last week, that failed me (kind of like how he failed his team).  I know that Clay Matthews is on the best edge rushers in the league, but Phil Loadholt flat-out can’t block for the pass.  Blocking for the run is a different story, cause he just gets his 345 pound body moving and lets inertia do the rest.  Sullivan is an under achiever and Herrera’s glory days are long gone (and he’s still the best player we’ve put in at RG all season).  Surprisingly Charlie Johnson has done an on par job at his position, the person everyone was most worried about.  It would be nice if after this year though the Vikings could move him to RG and bring in a LT–possibly via the draft.  Anyway, the Raiders front 7 will look dominant as most teams have against the Vikings pathetic blocking.

2. The Raiders will run just fine.  The Raiders are hoping to get Darren McFadden back (someone who I thought was going to be really good dating back to his days at Arkansas), but even if they don’t, Michael Bush has done an excellent job for them.  Up front I think the Vikings are designed to stop the run, even still.  However, Remi Ayodele is not Pat Williams, and Kevin Williams is not Kevin Williams anymore.  Also, one of my favorite LB’s of all time, E.J. Henderson, is getting old, and now with the team losing motivation to win games, this could be an ugly time for the Vikings.  They haven’t been very stout vs the run this season, and I think a big part of that has to do with Pat Williams.  I think Robison is better than Ray Edwards, and I think Erin Henderson is doing a fine job replacing Ben Leber.  But it just doesn’t seem like we have the power up front to hold teams O-lines back.  I’m not sure why nobody went after fat Pat, but it’s interesting to note that we aren’t as good upfront and Erin and Brian have played fine in replacement.  Perhaps it’s time to see more Ballard and Guion.

1. The Raiders will throw the ball and throw it well.  Carson Palmer has now shaken off most of the rust and he seems to be getting the playbook down.  He has vertical speed at the receiver position that he has never seen in his career (probably because no one drafts speed like the raiders do, I mean they drafted an o-linemen who recorded one of the fastest times ever by an o-linemen just a few years ago (Bruce Campbell)).  With the Vikings without Winfield, Cook, and most like Abdullah it should be a pretty passing day for the Raiders.  Also, the fact that Frazier has decided to go with known failure Tyrell Johnson over unknown Mistral Raymond should upset the fans.  We know what we have in Johnson, so let’s see the kid get out there and play.  Maybe he’s like Tebow and doesn’t look better than Johnson in practice, but plays great in games, how will we know if we don’t give him that shot.  Anyway, watch for Palmer to look like a bad version of Aaron Rodgers, and put up 70ish percent passing with 2 TDs.

The Final will be ugly, not because they’ll get blown out, but because the game will have moments that make us as fans cringe, mostly from the O-line.  24-14 Raiders.