I apologize for the absence of my preview stories.  I plain forgot to write one last week for the Denver game, and for Atlanta, I wrote it on my phone while out-of-town, apparently it didn’t post it however.  Anyway, let’s get back on track and hope that the Vikings will as well.

3. Jared Allen will be in the action all day.  Allen said early Friday that he doesn’t like Detroit (personally I don’t blame him).  I think that after this game, he might like Detroit a little more after getting to play against some weak Offensive Tackles (Hey, remember when Gosder Cherilus dove at the side of his knee a few years back, what a loser and cheap skate (he and Suh must be friends)).  Allen has slowed down a bit, but he still has a chance to get to his goal for the year, it’s plausible that he even accomplishes 100 career sacks in this very game, we’ll just have to wait and see.  I foresee Allen has a great chance to do it this week, despite the fact that Backus isn’t the worst LT Jared Allen faces in the course of a season.

2. Adrian Peterson breaks the Vikings all-time rushing yards in a career.  Okay, this one seems to be a bit of a stretch, but I’m going with it.  If Peterson plays, he plays at only one speed.  It doesn’t matter if he’s coming off an injury, it doesn’t matter if his team is 2-10.  Again, Peterson plays at only one speed, so if he plays, watch for him to crush many people in his way.  That being said, the lions are without a lot of the fire power up front, mainly Suh.  AP was slowed earlier in the year vs the lions, but I believe Suh rattling Anthony Herrera had a large impact on that.  Without that, and Herrera back to full health (he was healthy when he played Suh last time though), the Vikings run game should be a lot more impressive than it would be without those two factors.  All this is of course dependent on if AP plays.  On a quick side note, if Gerhart ends up carrying the load, watch for him to have a solid game, much like he did against Denver.

1. Ponder has back to back big games.  Again, I know he’s hurt and isn’t practicing.  He’s still going through the motions and doing lots of mental reps (plus he’s a smart guy, so he’ll get a lot out of the mental reps too).  Ponder however is still young and I fear that again he’ll make the mistakes that cost Minnesota the game.

First week back and I pick, Allen, Peterson, and Ponder to have big games.  Oooo, risky.  I would like to state that the most important factors of the week that would lead MN to a win would be the lesser known’s having big games.  Griffen in relief of hurt Robison, Aromashadu in place of Jenkins, and Mistral Raymond if he wants to keep a job with the team.  I just thought it easier for me to rant about those 3, plus they’re the players that people care about.  Realistically this game is going to come down to the Queens defense.  If Raymond, Griffen, Sherels and other former backups can step up (Brandon Burton, we need you to step up on d too, my god did you get burned a lot last week), the Vikings will stay in this game.  The Defense has to be the big part, but I’m not sure it can, that’s why I’m pick the Lions to win this one 31-17, in a game that looks much closer than it will turn out to be.  By my calculation it looks like the Vikings will have to win 2 games against New Orleans, Washington, and Chicago to stay out of Vikings history as the worst record ever.  It seems more likely the Vikings will tie or lose to Les Steckel’s record of 3-13.  Sorry Vikings, but at least the future is starting to look bright.