During day 3 of the Timberwolves training camp (shortened training camp) Rick Adelman spoke very interestingly about the rookies on his roster.

“First day he [Derrick Williams] really struggled, he’s gotten better each day.”  Williams, the Wolves first round draft pick this year looks to be the middle anchor to the traditional 3 man team that most NBA teams try to model.

“He’s an aggressive player, he’s solid, he knows how to play… he competes which is what we need.”  Adelman said about Malcolm Lee, a rookie guard, who has also impressed his new coach early in camp.  Adelman also added this, “I think he can play both spots [shooting guard and small forward] because he’s very aggresive defensively, he’s tough, and he can handle the ball.”

The wolves being loaded at the wing positions might not be a bad thing in this excessively condensed season.  The wolves often find themselves with 4 games within a single week, so the youthful, energetic roster could play out in their favor at times.

Adelman also discussed the rookie most people are interested in, Ricky Rubio.  He was asked about his defensive style, and Adelman talked about how aggressive he plays. “He get’s his hands on a lot of balls.  The thing that he has to be careful of is just not to put his hands on the guy too much.  They let that happen in Europe, they aren’t gonna let a rookie do that here.”

The Wolves first game is Monday Dec. 26, and it’s time to start getting excited about the future of Timberwolves basketball, it might be the only sport Minnesota can be excited about for a long time (besides the Lynx of course).