As reported earlier the Twins have agreed to terms with Josh Willingham but the Twins still haven’t confirmed the agreement. Willingham’s agent, Matt Sosnick, also won’t confirm the agreement, pending physical. When Doumit was signed, Sosnick’s partner confirmed the deal, pending physical, at this stage in the negotiation. The reason for this is now brought to light by Joe Christensen of the Star Tribune that they could be giving Cuddyer one last chance to accept the contract they have offered him. They are said to have set a deadline for Cuddyer to accept the offer. They are standing firm, if he says no they will move on and sign Willingham and take the two draft picks. Cuddyer has received an offer from the Rockies that surpasses the Twins’ 3 year $24M offer and the Mariners are also now in the mix as well.