The Colts have somehow rattled off their second consecutive victory by defeating the Texans in week 16 on Thursday night. This now puts them tied with the Vikings and the Rams with 2 wins on the season and allows both teams back in the mix for the #1 pick in next year’s draft and a chance at drafting Andrew Luck. For the Vikings to get the #1 pick they would need to lose their last two games against the Redskins and Bears AND the Colts would need to get their 3rd consecutive victory by defeating the Jags in week 17. And for those of you out there wondering: If the Vikings get the number one pick they WILL draft Andrew Luck and WILL keep him. It doesn’t matter how many needs this team has they will take another first round QB and figure it out later. Luck is the highest graded QB ever to enter the NFL draft and he could be a once in a lifetime draft pick for the Vikings and a franchise QB for the next 10+ years. Because of the new rookie wage scale they could still afford having both Luck and Ponder on the roster if that’s what they decide but that scenario is still a couple weeks from being an option.