The Timberwolves are off to a good start.  I like to make predictions, sure they aren’t always “news” and sure they aren’t always “right” or “accurate” but I like to do them.  No one is forcing you to read them (“and I could cause I’m a big guy and I’m good with knots” thank you for the last 23 years Simpson’s writers).  Part of why I have waited to start talking T-wolves is because they were such an unknown so early in the year, but with 5 games under their belts, I think I know a thing or two about them.

I predict the T-wolves will go 13-5 in the month of January (after starting 2-0 here in 2012).  I have my predictions for each game, but that would get lengthy and boring, even to me.  One thing is for sure, in some of those close games in late December, it appeared that the wolves were doing some things wrong; Beasley shooting a potential game typing double pump layup, Love taking a 3 with a guy in his face at the buzzer (I’m not too mad, our team is built around Love and the clock was ticking down), and others (like playing Luke Ridnour, nah, he’s okay).  But the teams seems to be coming together and playing well.  If Rubio can make himself a little bit better of an all-around player, than he, Love, and Williams will have a great 1st season together that I think will end in a low playoff seed.