With the NFL season for the Vikings having been over for 5 days, news about changes are already coming through.

The Vikings have reportedly lost Defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, who has told people with the Vikings that he has decided not to return.  The Vikings d-line has been a solid for the Vikings the past several seasons, and I’m sure fan are curious to know how this is going to affect the outcome of the d-line.

Also, it is rumoured that Defensive Coordinator Fred Pagac is going to be done after one season (I doubt he’ll get to walk on his own terms).  This news should worry Vikings fans.  Not that Fred Pagac is gone necessarily, but the fact that he and Dunbar are gone could open up the possibility of the rumored switch to a 3-4.  This wouldn’t be bad news if the Vikings didn’t have the best 4-3 DE in all of football (Jared Allen, for those of you who live under a rock).  Whether Singletary is promoted or they hire a 3-4 D-coordinator the fear of altering Allen’s role becomes more likely.  Frazier himself has said that he is “a 4-3 guy” but that doesn’t mean that owner ship or newly appointed G.M. Rick Spielman might force him to change.  The biggest issue fans should hold with this line of logic is that our front 7 wasn’t the problem, so restructuring them seems pointless.  Moving them around won’t make Asher Allen not leave guys wide open, and it won’t help Cook and Sapp stay out of legality issues.  Changing to a 3-4 defense wouldn’t make the Vikings better, it would make them worse.