Okay, this is a shameless plug on my part, but it’s Tebow (whom I may or may not dislike (I also may have started to root for him to do well since everyone hates him now (this video proves that doesn’t include christian women))).  The other reason that I’m putting this on our blog is because it’s a girl who may have gone to the same high school as some of the founders of this blog, she may also have grown up just a few miles from one of them.  So, in summary, Football, Tebow, a person who grew up just outside of Duluth, Minn.  I may have even played basketball with her brother, she may have even been the stat keeper for my basketball team when I was growing up, in short, here’s the MinneSporta shout out to you Kaycee Robertson.

You can also watch the video and a story about it here on ESPN.