Remember how much we loved Mike Tice as a head coach? Remember how insanely under qualified he was but Red “Cheapskate” McCombs thought he would turn out to be the “right” choice for him (again, financially).

Well, apparently Leslie Frazier wants to join on the bandwagon of coaches who were good on the O-line, but will be over matched at a new position.  A report on states that if Steve Spagnuolo signs on to be the next Eagles Defensive Coordinator, that Frazier will go after Juan Castillo (former Eagles O-line coach and current DC).  Frazier and Castillo worked together in Philly from 1999-2002.  Castillo’s defense was ugly to watch, unless you were a Vikings fan, than it just seemed on par for how a defense is supposed to play.  The Eagles had much more talent, but an equally bad defense, if Castillo is hired as the Vikings new DC, watch for another ugly year on the defensive side of the ball, and possibly the end of Frazier’s coaching career.