Six days remain before the NBA deadline to offer contract extensions. A league source says that the Timberwolves are prepared to offer All-Star forward Kevin Love a maximum salary contract. This comes as no surprise. The only thing to be determined is if the contract will be a four year contract worth about $61M or the maximum 5 year “designated player” contract worth about $78M. Every team is allowed one designated player contract, which is a maximum salary contract of 5 years for a player coming off his rookie contract. The Wolves could choose to save the designated player contract for the future when they look to re-sign Ricky Rubio after his rookie contract expires in three years. From what I’ve read it seems that the Wolves will likely choose the 4 year deal but it is unclear if Love will only accept the 5 year deal. Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph are two other candidates for contract extensions but the team is likely to let them become restricted free agents this summer.

With Russell Westbrook receiving the designated maximum salary of 5 years $78M a couple days ago it puts pressure on the Wolves to do the same. The rumors have been spreading that Love has been offered only the 4 year $60M max deal. I’m not so sure that’s enough for Love and his agent. If Love’s agent is smart he would realize how important Love is for this franchise and community, who hasn’t seen a star in this town since Kevin Garnett, and push for the designated max salary. Love is not worthy of the max salary? If you are saying that to yourself you have clearly never seen him play and I’m not going to waste my time saying all the things that make him worthy of it. Just go and watch multiple Timberwolves games and you will see for yourself how dominant he is. I personally hope they get the 4 year deal done so they can save the designated max for Rubio in three years but I’m not confident it will turn out that way. I believe Rubio is more likely to leave via free agency so they might need the bigger deal to keep him in town. One thing I know for sure is that the Wolves need to keep Love in town no matter how much money it takes to get it done.