This NFL offseason should be a lot less crazy than last year’s shortened one, but that being said, Vincent Jackson, this year’s big fish at receiver, is planning on testing the open market.

The Vikings desperately need that big target deep threat to go with their big target possession (Michael Jenkins) and small shifty slot receiver (Percy Harvin).  As Brody mentioned earlier it would be a dream scenario for the Vikings to get Dwayne Bowe.  He also mentioned that getting Vincent Jackson wouldn’t exactly be a negative for the Vikings as it would still give them a great deep threat.

The only problem for the Vikings is it seems like they would have to try to lure someone away with the big bucks (it doesn’t seem like they can fool someone into thinking they’re coming to a team that has a chance to compete).  That being said, it may be worth the big contract at WR and to use the first round draft pick on LT Matt Kalil with the new CBA in place (not having to fork out a whole lot cash wise on arguably the second most important position on a team).