New Vikings Stadium in Duluth Courtesy: Duluth News Tribune

We like to make a lot of jokes here at, but this isn’t actually a joke (or maybe that’s why it was in the Duluth News Tribune).  Roger Reinert (I also heard Jeff Anderson make reference to it while promoting himself for District 8 representative here in Minnesota) wrote a letter to Governor Mark Dayton about a proposal to have the Vikings moved to Duluth.

Now, I’ve heard the argument that it’s as close to the Twin Cities as Milwaukee is to Green Bay, but it just isn’t going to happen.  First off, Green Bay had a team long before the Vikings, and even longer before the consideration of moving them to Duluth.  Secondly, Minneapolis is a major television market (I mean look at all the talentless news personalities that can’t make it in the major market that find themselves up in Duluth). 

Why would Zygi Wilf move them upstate and lose all of the money he would get from being in a much bigger television market.  I know that it’s broadcast all over the state, but still, teams are going to do better on television in the city they’re based in.  That’s not even including the money they would lose from being in Minneapolis in general. 

Also, what a joke it would be for Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin to have to either live in Duluth or commute (this wouldn’t affect Jared Allen. I assume he’s probably got a cabin up there somewhere to hunt, or would if they moved the stadium there).  Minneapolis doesn’t want to lose the Vikings.  They need the money that having those pro sports teams brings in.  Duluth will most likely never see that.

I would like to state that I too think that it should be something mentioned.  I also know that the actual concept of it is a complete joke.  Drawing up plans for it was just a waste of several people’s time.  Even the Shakopee one was pretty ridiculous.  Now, let’s get a Vikings stadium deal done whether it’s in Minneapolis, Arden Hill, or Shakopee (or Duluth).