Michael Beasley’s name has been flying around in trade rumors for weeks now. He has loads of talent and an expiring contract. That is the perfect situation for a desperate team looking to make a playoff push. First we heard the Wolves connected to tons of Lakers rumors and now it appears they are being connected to the Nets and Celtics. The Celtics don’t have much to offer long-term other than draft picks. I don’t see this rumor getting much traction. However, the Nets rumor is and, in fact, the Wolves have called asking about Anthony Morrow’s availability (according to Darren Wolfson). Morrow would be a good 3-point shooting role player to help us make a playoff push. Right now the Nets are saying they are keeping him but that could change as time goes on.

Another option could be Brandon Roy. Yes, that Brandon Roy with no knees left and has been retired for a half a year. The Wolves did show interest in him when it was rumored that he would be amnestied by Portland but he ultimately decided to retire. If he does come out of retirement it wouldn’t be out of the question to think Minnesota would entertain the possibility of adding him. The trade deadline is March 15 so the Wolves still have a few weeks to make a move if they want.