UPDATE: Kobe has passed the first few initial concussion tests. The likelihood that he does play increases with each test he passes. His last test will come directly before the game. I said before that it seems unlikely that Kobe plays but it is starting to appear to be going the other direction. Kobe seems to have a flare for the dramatic and I can see him enjoying dominating the headline before tipoff.

The Wolves stay in LA and prepare to play their 2nd game out of three in three days on their post All-Star game road trip. They started with a strong win over the Clippers. Now they might have a little boost against the Lakers. It is possible that Kobe Bryant will be sitting this game out with concussion symptoms. This isn’t a question on whether Kobe wants to play or not, this is the new league mandated concussion policies. Bryant needs to be symptom free for 24 hours and was diagnosed with a concussion after a foul from Wade in the ASG.

Does this mean an automatic win for Minnesota? Not exactly. For one, the health of Kevin Love has to be concerning. He missed a lot of last night’s game with a rib injury. He could have come back then but it was not necessary with the game out of reach for the Clippers. Also, the Wolves are playing their 2nd game out of three games in three days as I stated above. This will be the Lakers first game since the break. Strangely enough, all 3 of Minnesota’s opponents are playing their first game since the break. The Wolves have to prepare for 3 very fresh teams. Lets hope they can bring enough energy to win at least 1 of the next 2 and keep fighting for a playoff spot.