It would be very easy for the players of the 2009 Minnesota Vikings to make a comment about the bountygate issue (especially since Favre seemed to be the biggest target from all the years involved), but the Vikings are doing the classy thing, and remaining quiet.

Right now, the Vikings have much bigger issues to deal with than the outcome of their 2009 season.  They can’t go back and make them Superbowl winners that year, so why waste time looking back.  The draft being only 52 days away. 

Based on what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has done to James Harrison the last few season, watch for Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams to take a big hit from this.  It’s already been established that Williams isn’t a first time offender, and Goodell has a reputation to stand up to with his fine.  Most people think that his fines are “ruining” the game of football.  But in reality we watch for Brett Favre, Dan Marino, Peyton Manning and Joe Namath.  No one is watching the game for Doug Pederson, Damon Huard, Curtis Painter, or Al Woodall (all backups for those other QBs).  The fans should want those superstars to be safe, Heck, as bad as Tarvaris Jackson was, did anyone ever want to see Brooks Bollinger lead the Vikings?  No.  Maybe his mom.

Getting back on track, the Saints will have the hammer come crashing down on them.  The Vikings are doing the smart thing by staying out of it.  Sometimes the best offense is to do nothing (a strategy that didn’t work too well for the Vikings on the field in 2011).